Are you using your spare time to complete a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) repair for your Honda? We at Duval Honda know you have many options when choosing your parts supplier.

Honda has experienced great success in the marketplace. Therefore, many suppliers in Jacksonville offer parts and components they market as equivalent to Honda Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) quality.

However, when it comes to parts for your Honda, we believe a dealer like Duval Honda is your best choice.

Honda Quality

Your Honda is part of a heritage of automotive excellence. For several decades, Honda automobiles have set the standard for performance and longevity.

In part, that is because every Honda is purpose-designed with specific parts that perform specific functions.

Honda designs each part with fit, tolerance, and performance in mind. Honda puts its reputation on the line with each part it sells, and so do we.

Duval Honda Parts Expertise

We believe our parts department team is the best in Jacksonville. They are trained to Honda dealer standards and have experience with the full line of Honda models.

Whether you contact us online or by phone, you will be connected with a Honda parts expert who knows the right answer for your specific vehicle.

Honda Reliability

Automotive experts caution that aftermarket parts may shorten the life of your car. Especially for leased vehicles, this can have an impact on their residual or resale values.

Experts also note that appearance parts like body panels, trim and accessory items may only fit properly if they are supplied by the OEM dealer.

Honda parts are made to be as reliable as your Honda vehicle. Using OEM Honda parts may help extend the time and miles you get from your automobile.

Honda Warranty

If your Honda is still under warranty, please be careful to use Honda or Honda-approved parts. Using aftermarket parts may interfere with your warranty coverage.

Please consult our parts and service team at Duval Honda for details.

OEM Honda Parts at Duval Honda!

In these challenging times, we know it is important to save money. We pledge to offer replacement parts at competitive prices.

Contact our parts team today for genuine Honda parts. Be sure to order parts online today!

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