With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping American's shut-in, there are many things about shopping and researching new purchases that have changed. This includes significant changes in how people consider purchasing a new vehicle.

Test Driving a Car

For many people in search of a new car or high-quality pre-owned vehicle, one of the most important aspects of making a final decision is the test drive. A test drive offers consumers the ability to gauge how comfortable they are with the vehicle and see if it has any quirks that they would have to contend with. For most new car buyers, a test drive becomes one of the main deciding factors in the purchase. This is the best way to tell whether the car is the right investment, and feels comfortable to drive.

Test Drive a Vehicle from Home

One of the best options for people in Jacksonville who are looking to buy a new car during the COVID-19 pandemic is a test drive from home. This process allows you to have the vehicle you want brought to your residence so you can take it out for a test drive. This is the best way car buyers can continue to follow social distancing guidelines while they are vehicle shopping.

The process starts when you find a vehicle on our Duval Honda website that you are interested in. Then contact us and ask to have the car brought to your residence for a test drive. This will allow you the ability to test drive the vehicle, check out the engine and vehicle amenities from the comfort of your home without going to our dealership.

During this unprecedented time of quarantine and social distancing, the ability to test drive a vehicle from home is the perfect solution for people in need of a new car amid the stay at home orders by the government.

The Final Details of Car Buying

If you decide that the vehicle you have test driven is the one for you, then all of the negotiating and final details can be handled without needing to go our car dealership. After the purchase paperwork is complete and the car is ready, it can be delivered right to your residence. Take time to browse our new inventory and build the Honda of your dreams from the comforts of home today.

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